Photo diary

What We Talk About When We Talk About Artists

An experimental newspaper highlighting the works of 18 women in 16 different art fields, from interior design to tattoo art. Each spread responds to the artist it’s dedicated to through its layout and typography. The organised chaos contains found biographies, thoughts, interviews and statistics. It’s designed to be flipped through, flipped around, used as a poster, as a learning device, paying tribute to women artists and inviting the reader to do so too.
February 2022

289 x 380mm ︎ tabloid size
Improved Newsprint Stock 55gsm
Printed by: The News Hound 
Editorial, curation

A Contemporary Figure of Resistance

This book traces the timeline of witches in Western Europe through its five chapters dedicated to history, visual magic, elements, pop culture and contemporary practices. Each chapter is accompanied by an index and interview with a modern witch or an individual who has met with a spiritual healer. The riso ink used in the printing means that the reader might get their fingers stained in black while flipping through, getting marked by witchcraft, resistance at their fingertips.

May 2022

138 x 200mm
Crush Corn 120gsm + Sugar Paper 100gsm
Black + metallic gold Riso ink / Gold foil
Printed and bound by hand

Editorial, cultural, bookmaking

Museum Interactives

A short exploration of visitor interaction within the physical and digital exhibition space. The creation and design of curated accompanying playlists make for an atmospheric interaction between human and artwork, through the power of music. The coded website allows for the simple, reflective process of drawing mandalas to become possible in the digital realm, as an accomplice to a fictional exhibition outlining the healing and meditative properties of colours. 

Interaction, print, digital

 Medicine Man / Wellcome Collection

This live brief collaboration project with the Wellcome Collection aims to uproot some of the artefacts in the permanent Medicine Man exhibition from the Western perspective they have been placed in, by bringing their rich cultural backgrounds to the forefront. 

By imagining and designing interactive experiences for both children and adults to partake in during their visit, this project hopes to diversify and decolonise the experience of a visitor in a traditional ethnographic museum setting, in both its online and physical realm.

March, 2021

594 x 420 mm ︎ A2 poster size
Starfine Paper 100gsm /map/ + 300gsm /cards/
Digital content

font in use: MARTIN by VocalType
designed using the traditional Wellcome Collection visual identity

Poster, identity, interaction, digital content

Modern Day Women

Modern Day Women aims to challenge the typical portrayal of women through history by juxtaposing old with new. The 26 photos stuck inside portray people who identify as women, with consideration to their preferred process of portrayal. They mimic old painted portraits, but find their way into the contemporary.

Each photo is a connection between between tradition and a new generation of self-expression. A documentation of the women who surround me—my personal time-capsule of womanhood. And so, the personal becomes political. A celebration of women portraying women.
December, 2021

225 x 225mm 
Redeem Recycled Paper 250gsm
Printed at: CSM Print & Production

bound and debossed by hand
6 x 6 matt photo prints by: Rapid Eye London
Editorial, bookmaking, photography