Photo diary

Modern Day Women

Modern Day Women aims to challenge the typical portrayal of women through history by juxtaposing old with new. The 26 photos stuck inside portray people who identify as women, with consideration to their preferred process of portrayal. They mimic old painted portraits, but find their way into the contemporary.

Each photo is a connection between between tradition and a new generation of self-expression. A documentation of the women who surround me—my personal time-capsule of womanhood. And so, the personal becomes political. A celebration of women portraying women.
December, 2021

225 x 225mm 
Redeem Recycled Paper 250gsm
Printed at: CSM Print & Production

bound and debossed by hand
6 x 6 matt photo prints by: Rapid Eye London
Editorial, bookmaking, photography

© Katya Kabaktchieva