Photo diary

Sustainable Classroom

As part of a project centred around the process of teaching in relation to the climate crisis,
I developped a Rewilding Toolkit for my neighbours in London, in the hopes that we can reintroduce nature back to the city as a community. The box contains tools for the making of seedbombs, soil and seeds that grow wildflowers, seeds for bird-feeding and other useful components for the process of rewilding. 

The two posters included explore some micro ways of coping with the climate crisis in the (lockdown) classroom, as proposed by Central Saint Martins students, and criticism for the way big institutions disregard the actions they have the power to take in order to make a macro change.

March, 2021

Recycled cardboard boxes
A2 posters 

Font in use: RymanEco Regular
Identity, sustainability

© Katya Kabaktchieva